Tag: Maintenance

Cleaning the Carpet in Your Car

Did you know that your carpets inside your car are one of the dirtiest parts of your entire car? Think about all the feet and shoes that sit on it over time. Where did they just walk? In a yard with feces, across a bathroom floor, or anywhere else. There […]

New Transmission vs. Rebuilt Transmission

The life of your own vehicle will likely be much longer with a completely new transmission instead of one that’s been repaired. You might even be purchasing a transmission from a vehicle in a junkyard which was in an important car crash. As soon as you get everything back set […]


Consider Protecting Your Car with the 3m Clear Bra

The 3m clear bra is a wonderful innovation for any car-lover that treats his treasured property like a true good friend. A male’s buddy is not always the family dog. In some cases an automobile can replace a wonderful family pet and absolutely nothing hurts more than seeing that initial […]