Cleaning the Carpet in Your Car

Did you know that your carpets inside your car are one of the dirtiest parts of your entire car? Think about all the feet and shoes that sit on it over time. Where did they just walk? In a yard with feces, across a bathroom floor, or anywhere else. There have likely been a lot of spills on your carpets as well.

Your carpets in your car being dirty is expected. The dirt itself isn’t the issue, though. The worst part to deal with is when you have stains that have set into your carpet because of all the junk that has been tracked in. Getting out the stains can be a difficult chore but, remember, if you take care of them quickly, they won’t become as big of an issue and harder to remove later. Keeping your carpets stain free is as easy as taking a few steps when they need to be cleaned.

The first step is to take the carpet out of the car. You may find stains below the carpets that need to be taken care of too. Scrape away as much residue as you can then blot the stain. When you scrape, try using a plastic knife or a hard plastic spatula to remove any of the debris on the carpet.

Once the big stuff is scraped off, try the most gentle solution you have first to see if they work at cleaning your carpet. You may only need to use warm water. If the water alone doesn’t work, add in some soap. Let the solution sit for a while then try to wipe it away. I have a friend that got desperate enough to try out power washing in The Woodlands, TX to get his stains out. He ended up taking off a lot of the fibers with the stain.

Some stains will be very difficult to remove from the carpet. If you have tried everything and still have the stain, you may need to hire a professional. Regardless, get those stains out and keep your car looking as good as new.